Pin Piles

Versatile and Affordable when Space is Limited

Pin Pile Installations by Bodax Foundations

When space is limited and the load is lighter than normal, pin piles are the affordable solution. Among foundation piles, pin piles are the least expensive. Pin piles are pipe piles with a diameter of 3 to 4 inches. These piles are driven to the point of refusal. 

Due to their smaller diameter, they have a greater ability to resist forces and provide support. Pin piles are excellent for areas restrained for physical and geotechnical space. 

Because of their versatility and capacities, these pin piles are popular throughout the world, used in a variety of light load-bearing applications and repair situations. 


The Safe Alternative for Sensitive Areas

pin pilingPin piles are the go-to solution when a construction site is located in an environmentally sensitive area. Often used when ground conditions are questionable, pin piles are perfect for those hard-to-get-to areas, as well as places where vertical clearance is restricted. When ground movement needs to be arrested, pin piles provide the stability you need. 

Simple, Effective, Affordable Process

Feasible and streamlined, the machinery used for pin pilings is extremely mobile. Bodax Foundations employs a mini track-hoe equipped with a hydraulic drill hammer to drive the pin pile to a point of refusal. When access is extremely limited, we employ our compact 200-pound hand-held Rhino hammer to install the pin pile. The small footprint of a pneumatic drive enables pin pile installations in areas where other solutions simply don’t fit. From crawlspaces to basements, pin piles afford the support you need when space is minimal. 

Bodax Foundations’ professional team has the practical experience, equipment, and know-how to tackle any pin piling application. It’s our experience that enables us to analyze a situation, identify problems, and quickly provide a long-term solution that keeps you on track. More than 30 years of field experience, working with construction teams, contractors, and other industry professionals, makes Bodax Foundations a company that always delivers a completed project on time and on budget.