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Providing Solid Footing for Florida

Foundation Settlement Repairs by Bodax Foundations

The Trouble with Florida Soil

Florida is a beautiful state with a unique soil situation. In many places, the soil can change every 12 months. Each layer can have a different thickness and density. And each layer can have different load-bearing abilities. Millenniums of storms, water, and even glacier shifting have created so many different soil types. In many cases, these have resulted in deficiently compacted fill materials…and many homes have been built on these materials. 

Signs of Foundation Settlement

These compacted materials are prime reasons foundation settlement occurs. They’re not solid enough to be a home foundation. This settlement and shifting results in interior damage that can include cracked drywall. Exterior damage can include cracked home foundations, crippled footers, and other serious permanent structural damage.

It’s important to remember that a load-bearing wall is only as strong as the foundation beneath it. When that loose soil is too weak to support the load, settlement occurs. While settlement is a common occurrence throughout Florida, it’s important to address the problem as soon as you notice the signs of foundation settlement. These may include:

  • Vertical cracks in foundation walls
  • Sunken / Cracked slabs
  • Tilting or sinking concrete exterior stairs
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Cracked exterior wall finishes
  • Altered window and/or door frames that make opening and closing difficult
  • Cracks in the drywall around window and door openings

The Solution: Bodax Foundations

Bodax Foundations provides professional piling services that enable installers to raise and stabilize settled foundation masonry. Using either helical or pin piles, our skilled team installs these steel piles under the damaged foundation, driving the pile until it reaches solid, stable soil or rock. Each pile is fitted with a heavy-duty bracket at its top which is connected to the foundation. This allows us to raise and stabilize the foundation masonry. This technique is perfect for raising settled foundation walls and slabs, providing a secure foundation.

With our specialized equipment, extensive experience, and practical understanding of the many different types of Florida soil, Bodax Foundations provides expert solutions for foundation settlement.  When you notice signs of settlement, don’t hesitate. Call the professionals at Bodax Foundations for site analysis and estimate.