Helical Piles placed in the Florida Tri-County area of Broward, Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach, and Helical Piles installed in Collier County, Indian River County and surrounding areas

Your Cost-Effective Alternative

Helical Pile Installation by Bodax Foundations

With a wide variety of applications, helical piles are an excellent substitute for driven foundation piles that require drilling equipment. Their quick installation and lower cost make them popular for many different home addition projects, swimming pools, privacy and retaining walls, generator pads, existing foundation reinforcement, and many other applications.

When equipment access is a concern, helical piles are often the solution since they can be installed using the right portable equipment. Bodax Foundations uses a small mini track-hoe and specially fitted hydraulic drill. Its compact size allows us to reach spaces otherwise inaccessible by larger equipment.

A Strong Solution

Bodax Foundations’ helical piles are a strong solution, providing support of up to 15 tons. With the addition of special brackets, they’re often used to repair and reinforce foundations that have settled or suffered damage over the years. Also known as anchors or screw piles, helical piles are attached by welds to a spiral shape around a central shaft. Due to the many individual requirements of various construction concerns, there are a host of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and configurations that are needed, and helical piles accommodate and employ them all.

Helical piles differ from most piles. Instead of being pounded or drilled, helical piles can be rotated, boring into the ground (think of a wood screw penetrating a board). Bodax Foundations has special rotary equipment and high torque drivers that make this process possible. Our equipment enables us to bor to pre-determined depths.

Helical pile installations are environmentally friendly, making a very small impact.

Benefits of Helical Piles

When you consider the labor and prep work involved with traditional concrete foundations, helical piles are much faster and simpler to install. There’s no excess soil (a.k.a soil spoils) to cart away, which means less of an impact to surrounding landscapes. There’s no waiting time for drying or setting before you can begin construction. Construction can begin as soon as the foundation’s installed!

When space is limited, helical piles are the answer, as they don’t require bulky special equipment to achieve and sustain stability. Minimal vibration and low noise mean less disturbance to neighbors and no damage to nearby or adjacent foundations or structures. Whatever the ground type, helical piles can be successfully installed.